Optimized Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is proven to be one of the most efficient and cost effective forms of marketing. Email today can be used effectively for customer acquisition as well as customer engagement.

With our Email Marketing Services, we can provide solutions for both customer acquisition as well as customer Engagement with your existing or prospective customers.

Customer engagement through Social Media may seem a daunting task initially as there are so many different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. that serve different purposes. Our services help decode these platforms for your business and create a strategy to utilize the right platforms to engage your target audience


Our Customer acquisition solution takes care of everything for you from identifying your TG, to Email Campaign management and generation of leads. We have built relationships with leading service providers to execute the campaign and provide analytics to track real time mail statistics.


Our Customer Engagement solution is built on top of a world class Email platform that takes care of managing the reputation of your domain, cleaning your email list, and an easy to use interface to just upload the campaign and send it. We provide detailed analytics on how many emails were opened, how many links were clicked in the email, what platforms the email was opened etc. This detailed level of analytics helps you narrow down on your target customer group and helps your sales team to focus on the right set of prospects.

We create responsive emails that can be opened on a smartphone or a tablet or laptop and it will adjust according to the screen size.


  • Creating Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Responsive Email Design and development
  • Email List Cleaning
  • Detailed analytics on open rates, clicks etc.

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