Asset Management

Asset Tracking Software

TRUST AssetMan is an Asset Tracking Solution designed to control and manage mobile and fixed assets of your organization. Solution centrally manages multiple categories of assets, where they are located, who uses them, and all details associated to the items.

Why Choose Asset Management Software?

TRUST AssetMan is an end to end product which helps the user to categories the assets, register, Print Barcode, track using the barcode enabled Mobile devices and calculate depreciation. AssetMan makes it easy to catalog assets and track assets movement within an organization or different projects. AssetMan allows recording your assets by functional groups like Hardware & Software, Tools, Equipment & Vehicles, Documents, Furnishings or Define your own. System facilitate users to manage assets by assigning to a department, custodian & user, record supplier, cost and warranty information, record serial numbers, part numbers and more

Unique Features

  • Track An Unlimited Number Of Assets With Vendor, Service Center & Insurance Details
  • Track Assets You Have, Where They Are, Cost & Many More.
  • Attach Pictures, Owner's Manuals & Other Files Easily.
  • Print Barcodes For Your Assets Or Use Existing Barcodes To Identify Your Assets.
  • Check-In & Check-Out Assets To Personnel & Keep Full History.
  • Check Out Equipment/ Assets To Employees/ Custodians & Always Know Who To Call When You Need An Item Returned.
  • Set A Due Date During The Check-Out Process & Then Run Reports To Find The Overdue Assets.
  • Print & Save Asset Reports In A Variety Of Formats.
  • Track Related Vendors & Contacts.
  • Worthiness Of Asset With Auto Depreciation Calculation (Single Line & Double Declining)
  • Track Service, Vendors & Contacts.
  • Have All Information You Need Right At Your Fingertips If The Item Needs To Be Serviced.
  • Find The Items Quickly Using A Barcode Scanner Or A Quick Search.
  • Asset History Is Automatically Maintained As Assets Are Audited Or Checked In Or Out.
  • Reports Allow You To Print List Of All Assets, Checked Out Assets, Or Overdue Assets.
  • Generate & Print Reports Of All Non-Insured Asset, Insured Asset & Expired Insurance.
  • TRUST AssetMan Includes A Complete Personnel, Vendor & Insurance Database.
  • Track Asset Information Including A Picture, Description, Model, Manufacturer, Serial Numbers, Condition Of Asset & More..

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